Sherpa for Business

Why let your customer experience end at the checkout?

Delivery Way

Sherpas on-demand and same day delivery allows you to WOW your customers and control the experience right through to their doorstep.

Business Solutions


Web, mobile or fully integrated API depending
on your needs.

Delivery Solutions

Elastic delivery solutions
Whether you send 1 delivery per week or 1000, Sherpa can flex to your needs.
Crowdsource delivery utilises existing capacity within traditional couriers as well the capacity of the sharing economy - people who want to use their time to contribute to a larger community, which in this case is a community of people moving things from A to B. This creates a completely flexible and scalable delivery service for users and businesses. Traditional courier models use volume parcel models, hourly rates for drivers and ‘linear run sheets’ to achieve delivery solutions. Technology is finally changing the face of logistics for good.

Delivery Solutions

End to end trackingYou and your customer can track each delivery, always knowing exactly where the
Sherpa is in real time.

Need a fully integrated solution for your
e-commerce platform

The Sherpa API will allow you to streamline your deliveries
and create an amazing customer experience from checkout to door.

Sherpa API

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